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Qmulus Solutions is a Sage Business Partner specialising in improving client productivity via Sage CRM. Through the customisation and deployment of Sage CRM, they help clients add value to their existing data and to streamline their processes so that staff spend more time adding value to their business and less time on administrative overheads.

For many years Qmulus has been creating integrations and enhancements for Sage products to add extra value to our customers. Over time we noticed that certain requirements kept being asked for over and over again and so we decided to create a set of enhancements that added immediate functionality for customers with little or no additional customisation required

Product Profile

  • Qnect 200 for Sage CRM – Qnect 200 for Sage CRM is a real-time integration component that links with Sage 200 Professional and Standard. By connecting Sage CRM with Sage 200 you can enjoy better business insight, greater efficiencies, increased productivity and a single customer centric view across your entire business. Qnect 200 features include Multiple Sage 200 trading companies, Instant Sage 200 Customer creation, Customer and Supplier synchronisation, Quote/Order using Sage 200 products, Real-time Account views, Real-time Sales Order views, Real-time Sales Returns views, Sage 200 Customer price enquiries, View live stock availability for products, Product level tax and warehouse selection and Post CRM orders to Sage 200.
  • Qnect 50 for Sage CRM – It’s a real-time integration that links Sage CRM to Sage 50. It helps to increase efficiency and accuracy in the management of customers/suppliers, products and quotes/orders at an affordable cost. By combining Sage CRM with Sage 50 (using Qnect 50) you can enjoy better business insight, greater efficiencies, increased productivity and have a single customer-centric view across your entire business. Qnect 50 features include ability to Create Sage 50 Customer and Supplier accounts from Sage CRM, Create Sales orders in Sage 50 from Sage CRM, View account information, such as status or credit limit, Realtime views of orders and invoices from Sage 50, Synchronise orders, invoices and credits into Sage CRM, Link many Sage CRM companies to one Sage 50 customer, Link one Sage CRM customer to many Sage 50 customers and Create and view information about suppliers in Sage CRM.
  • Qreations – These are a number of enhancements that can be easily added on. Qnect Marketing is a Sage CRM marketing add-on that integrates with Mailchimp to provide click through email functionality. Quick Transactions allows you to create and edit quick quotes and orders all from the one
    screen. Scheduled reports allow you to receive Sage CRM reports via email automatically on scheduled days and times. Discounts allows you to add customer specific price functionality to allow you to specify specific discounts for products within a company. With the Qreations postcode lookup addon you can easily find addresses, based on postcode, and have the selected address populate Sage CRM address screens.

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