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Skynamo is on a mission to help manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors gain clarity and control of their field sales process so their businesses can thrive. Skynamo’s advanced reporting and automated tracking of sales activities give managers and business owners more confidence in the information they are getting from the field and better control and clarity of their sales process.

Skynamo provides field sales teams with access to product, pricing, customer and stock information stored in Sage via their mobile devices. Improve the accuracy of orders captured, reduce turnaround time on invoicing, and increase cashflow. GPS tracking reduces admin for sales teams by creating automated call reports: distance travelled and time spent with customers. Business intelligence provides valuable reports and stats that enable reps and managers to make smarter sales decisions.

Why consider Skynamo for Field Sales?

Unlike other CRM or sales enablement technology, Skynamo is designed specifically for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors with sale reps in the field selling products to an existing customer base. Skynamo’s mobile sales app is easy to use and automates the typical repetitive administrative tasks that slow down and annoy sales reps, allowing for more time to strengthen relationships and sell more! The desktop dashboard gives sales managers and business owners a real-time view of all field sales activity and results so you can coach your team to greater sales success!

Product Profile

  • Purchasing – Lightyear’s class-leading platform brings purchasing visibility to your business. Control who can order what, increase the speed of approvals, bring spending under control & reduce the potential for fraud with our Purchase Order (PO) workflow and approvals matrix. Automate and streamline bill to PO matching with automated 3-way matching at a line-item level.
  • Accounts Payable – Suppliers simply email their standard bills (invoices), credit notes and statements, all of which have line-item data extracted in real-time. Bills are then automatically matched to POs if applicable, or presented to individual locations/managers at the start of a customisable approvals workflow, after which the approved data is automatically synced with your accounting system (and Point of Sale system if required). Bills are then stored online for 8 years, enabling a truly connected and paperless organisation in the Lightyear Cloud.

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