Take the stress out of your Payroll Year End by taking advantage of Acorn BMS Payroll Year End Service

The 2021/22 Payroll Year End is fast approaching! With a final submission date of 19th April 2022, there are numerous tasks that need to be completed ahead of the deadline. These include reporting to HMRC on the previous tax year, preparing for the new tax year, and issuing P60s to your employees.

Let Acorn BMS take the stress out of the process by taking advantage of our Payroll Year End service. Highlights of our service include:

  • Updating your Payroll to 2022/23 compliant version
  • Backing-up Payroll Databases and Reports
  • Performing a data health check
  • Processing the Year End and perform the final submission to HMRC
  • Preparing for the new tax year which includes updating employees tax codes, increasing automatic enrolment contributions and introducing the new legislation for the 2022/23 tax year.
  • You should also check if your Sage 50 Payroll Support is up-to-date. We can check this for you if required.
  • 5 April – The 2021/22 tax year ends on this date
  • Before 6 April – Update your employee payroll records. Time to update your payroll software.
  • 6 April – The new tax year (2022/23) begins.
  • 19 April – This is the deadline for the final submission of the 2021/22 tax year.
  • 22 April – This is the deadline for month 12 PAYE.
  • By 31 May – Your employees need to receive their P60s by this date.
  • By 6 July – You need to report on expenses and benefits; you may be able to use your payroll software to do this.
  • 6 July – This is the deadline to submit your P11D and P11D(b) forms.
  • 22 July – On this date, payment of class 1A National Insurance contributions on Benefits in Kind must be with HMRC.

The service is provided at a cost of £295 + VAT. If you wish to book our service, please email chloe@acornitsolutions.com and we will schedule a date into the diary.

Payroll Year End Service

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