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Sage CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is an easily configured, flexible business management solution designed with the needs of small and medium sized companies at its core.

Sage CRM helps businesses improve customer relationships by organising and automating communications and activities across all customer-facing departments. It enables your marketing, sales and customer services teams to work together, to share information and to manage every interaction with prospects, leads and customers.


What can Sage CRM do for you?

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Harness the power of an integrated CRM solution

Sage CRM enables your organisation to grow by automating processes within the business, allowing users to do more for less. Employees can work smarter and management have the information they need to make more informed business decisions.

With a complete view of customer activity across your business, you will gain better business insight, increase the productivity of your teams and put your business on the path to growth.

Manage your cash flow and invoicing
Accelerate your Sales Performance

Accelerate your Sales Performance

With a more effective sales team, you will increase productivity and revenue in your business faster. You can ensure that your sales team work on the right leads at the right time, see what stage deals are at, to allow your management team to make better business decisions based on having real-time information.

Sales activities can be tracked in real-time using out-of-the-box sales reports, and the performance of the business can be monitored with the powerful sales dashboards.

Target the right customers at the right time

Sage CRM will enable you to ensure that your marketing campaigns deliver the right results. Campaigns can be planned, executed and tracked through to completion – they can be set up within minutes and leads and sales opportunities tracked from each individual campaign.

The solution integrates with MailChimp, allowing you to send emails using pre-defined templates or one which you have created for your business. These can be sent to segments of the mailing list, with follow up campaigns being setup based on the responses to the campaigns.

Target the right customers at the right time
Provide world-class customer service

Provide world-class customer service

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Sage CRM will allow you to nurture your customers and provide them with an excellent customer experience, which will improve your retention rate and drive growth.

Your Customer Service team can build an online knowledgebase of common issues and solutions which can be used to resolve cases more quickly, with customers also being able to log cases and view updates online.

Businesses all around the world are already experiencing the power of a connected CRM solution.

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