sage 200 cloud enhancements

Sage have just announced their latest additions to Sage 200 cloud with the release of the Summer 2018 Enhancements package. Highlights of the new release include:

1) Payments Integration

Sage are integrating core payments features into Sage 200 cloud to allow customers to manage the acceptance of payments into their business in a way that is integrated to their accounts software, through GoCardless, Stripe and PayPal.

2) Cross-selling and suggested items

Cross-selling items are complementary items which are often sold together with another stock item. By setting up cross-selling items, the system will display them during order entry and allow you to add these items when you enter a sales order. Suggested items can help customers speed up when entering a sales order, as they can quickly add items that the customer has previously bought from them.

3) Customer Alerts

You can now set up alerts on a customer account to show messages whenever you deal with that customer.

4) Spooler enhancements

The new spooler now has all of the metadata moved to the configuration database instead of reading the metadata from the files in the file location. This provides benefits in terms of a significant improvement in speed performance when opening the spooler and viewing reports and layouts.

5) Document capture

Sage 200 cloud can now offer the user the ability to attach documents to their transactions. It also allows them to scan documents from a scanner device so that their end-to-end document process can be done from within Sage 200 cloud. The user may add, delete and view documents as well as add new scanned files.

6) Skype and Google Maps integration

Sage 200 cloud users can now get in touch with a customer or supplier using Skype for Business directly from within the software through simply clicking the Skype icon next to a contact’s email address. Similarly, you can now view a customer or supplier address using Google Maps via clicking the Google Maps icon next to the address.

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