National Sports Governing Bodies require accurate management of finances, spending, funding allocations and project management.

National Sports Governing Bodies organise and administer most of the organised sport in Ireland; they train and deploy coaches; they organise representative level sport; and they provide sporting opportunities and pathways leading from local sport to national and international competition.

Have a read below on how we’ve helped one of the leading Sports Governing Bodies in Ireland to transform their operations and finances with Sage 200:

Sage 200 for Sports Governing Bodies


Originally, they were using Sage 50 Accounts with multiple spreadsheets to manage and track all project costings and sources of funding. This was not only very time consuming but also open to error, manipulation and resulting in massive duplication of effort.


  • They required a solution that improved all areas of governance around their day to day processing and reporting.
  • They required a structure that would allow them to easily budget, manage costs and report on activities and Cost level against each event such as accommodation, travel, equipment etc.
  • The need to be able to match the current company and reporting structure that was in place.
  • The need to be able to manage and report on all Purchase Orders raised against each event, so they could report on Actual and Committed cost versus Budget.
  • The need to manage Purchase Orders in such a way that appropriate authorisers had visibility of team spend and be able to track who was purchasing what for each part of the event

The Solution:

Sage 200cloud is a complete, trusted and reliable business management solution which combines the power and productivity of desktop software, with the freedom & control of smart, secure cloud & mobile access.


  • They now have a fully integrated solution that not only manages the budgets and costs against each of the events, but also gives them stringent Financial Reporting at Cost Centre and Division level without any further intervention.
  • They have cost Control measures in place, with effective Spend control mechanisms around team member Purchase Order and Expenditure activity.
  • Employees and volunteers can login from anywhere to track their expenses and orders through a web portal.
  • Transactions are only entered once for natural flow through the system, to give them one version of the truth.
  • Reporting is automated so that accurate figures can be presented in a timely fashion for monthly board meetings.

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