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ProForecast’s powerful cloud based Forecasting and Strategic planning application allows you generate Forecasts and stress test them with detailed “What-If” scenario planning and generates reports with the granularity to help you make informed decisions for the future.

ProForecast is a strategic business planning and forecasting tool that helps to unify your planning, budgeting, and forecasting. ProForecast software gives users exceptional business performance reports that incorporate both operational and financial results, and transform traditional management accounting reports, giving you the tools to make informed decisions, grow your business and improve your business performance.


  • Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence – Design and Brand Beautiful Reports, Create Flexible Dashboards and run Variance reports.
  • What If Scenario Planning – Run global and micro ‘What If’ scenarios to stress test your forecast.
  • Drill Downs – Drill Down to an unprecedented level of granularity directly from reports and graphs.
  • Benchmarking – Using data from 2.9 million companies, organised into 750 SIC codes with over 100 data points per SIC code, allows you to test your forecast against the performance of your peers.
  • Variance Reports – Import your actuals monthly and analyse your performance against your forecast. Drill down to analyse where you are over and under performing.

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