As your business gets bigger, your business demands grow. Entering new markets, products, and processes lead to increasing regulation and competition. With tighter budgets and scarce resources, how do you meet these challenges and blaze a path to increased productivity and efficiency?

Sage 200cloud is a powerful solution for businesses that need flexibility in how they operate—helping them to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve profitability. Sage 200cloud is designed to manage finances, customers, and reporting in one solution.

With in-built stock management tools, it’s ideal for organisations competing in tough industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

Here are five ways Sage 200cloud can solve your growing business pains:

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1) Bring your teams together

Businesses using Sage 200cloud can give sales and marketing teams access to the customer information they need to do their job properly. This includes up-to-date performance and pipeline data that can help your organisation accurately identify and target new customers, as well as take better care of those you already have.

  • Make use of powerful tools that allow marketing teams to plan, execute, and analyse marketing campaigns, as well as mobile apps for mobile sales representatives.
  • Sage 200cloud works with your accounting and stock processes to provide an informed view of the customer, so you can deliver joined-up customer service which can be measured.
  • Build a knowledge bank containing answers to known issues and questions.

2) Simplify your business

With Sage 200cloud you can benefit from enterprise capabilities that simplify the way you do business. For example, it can be challenging managing compliance in areas like tax, health and safety, the environment and import/export. In some industries, the fines related to noncompliance can be immense, while the reputational hit can be significant.

  • Sage 200cloud aids compliance with support for month reconciliation, so that a business keeps its financial integrity that can result from balance sheet mistakes and inaccuracies.
  • Quickly and easily calculate VAT, reconcile to only pay what you owe, and automatically file returns securely online.
  • Control the exchange rate changes and their impact across all ledgers and cash book. You can move money from one bank account to another and between currencies to maximise interest earned and minimise overdraft charges.

3) Gain the insight you need

Sage 200cloud offers numerous financial reporting tools, ensuring you understand the position of your company at any point in time. You can also analyse historical trends and data, to give the accurate information you need to make critical business decisions.

  • Produce detailed reports by region, sales representative, industry type, customer rating, account manager, partner and more. These will allow you to easily forecast and budget for customers, suppliers, and projects.
  • Get an accurate view of your financial status for up to five years. Looking at your short-term and long-term cash positions, you can see how unexpected delays and expenses will affect cash flow.
  • One unified view of the customer can give employees the financial, commercial, and communications information needed to respond to customer enquiries and track communications.

4) Support productivity, collaboration, and efficiency

Sage 200cloud allows you to streamline workflows and automate manual accounting tasks. It’s customisable to your business needs and allows you to work wherever you are, whenever or however you want with Microsoft Office 365 integration. It also has inventory functionality— which is hugely important to maximising profits.

  • Build personalised invoices, orders, quotations, and statements and with pricing you can easily apply discounts and promotions with flexible ordering options—giving authorised employees the ability to negotiate on prices.
  • Sage 200cloud supports rapid order entry—for standard pricing and delivery addresses, you can enter your orders quickly and get orders on the way to the customer at speed.
  • Optimise stock levels to maintain the appropriate carrying costs—you can speed up invoicing and optimise sales with real-time stock levels, tracking sales, costs, and profit levels.

5) Gain financial certainty

Sage 200cloud gives businesses access to the information they need to check balances, helping them understand income and expenditure. Be precise with your business finances, so you can track budgets effectively and efficiently.

  • Gain greater control over accounting periods (up to 20), which can be open, closed and re-opened when needed.
  • Save time by connecting Sage 200cloud with your bank account. Transactions flow seamlessly into the system, as you simply confirm what you want to post or match— saving hours of valuable time and allowing you to always know where you are financially, in one place.
  • Bring financial and commercial data together, so everyone can get a complete view of the business. Avoid the problems associated with insufficient cash flow and borrowing cost—optimising cash flow to meet the needs of your business.

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