Creating a Paperless Office with Acorn & Draycir

We’re back with a second instalment in our video series in the journey towards a “Paperless Office.”

Hear from Jonny Crawford from Acorn BMS and Elyshia Mansfield from Draycir as they discuss how SME’s in the UK and Ireland can create a Paperless Office to contribute to sustainability targets through a smart integration that reduces manual processes and integrates with your Sage software.

In the video you will discover how to:

  • Contribute to a cleaner environment for your sustainability goals,
  • Reduce your carbon emissions,
  • Reduce paper from your environment,
  • Reduce risks of lost Proof of Delivery notes,
  • Invoice faster with POD straight into Sage digitally, with Draycir POD.

You can email for more information or call 028 7964 4975.

The paperless Office Journey continues Video Series

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