Sage have recently launched the latest improvements to Sage CRM with the release of Sage CRM 2022 R1

Sage CRM 2022 R1, released in February 2022, delivers a range of feature enhancements and usability improvements.

What’s New in Sage CRM 2022 R1?

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Support for Azure SQL database

  • to allow customers increased freedom to install their data where they want and how they want.
  • to get the best value data storage option.
  • to take advantage of the features of the Sage Partner Cloud (where supported) including automatic backups and elastic sizing.
  • to move to cloud serves at your own pace.

REST API improvements

  • that allow more targeted search options.
  • improved clarity in how to best use the API effectively.

Mass delete of historic communications

  • to clear down redundant historic communications to improve system response and performance.
  • to make sure the system contains only the data you need.

The ability to Change default log locations

  • to allow the best use of disk space and improve ease of access

Update territory on Leads, Cases, or Opportunities

  • to swiftly and easily allow a System Administrator to reassign groups of Leads, Cases and Opportunities to new security territories without the need to run SQL statements.
  • to allow data to be updated and realigned as business needs change.

Additional data integrity rules – no changes to users sharing one email address

  • to help ensure integrity around email addresses used to uniquely identify users for notifications in Sage CRM.
  • to help integrate Sage CRM with 3rd party systems where email addresses are used as the unique identifier.

Insert signature in replies and forwards

  • to give a user better control over the information shared in emails.

Resizable table columns in the email (HTML) templates

  • to allow the users to layout emails and HTML documents in the way they want.
  • to improve the layout of information in a tabular format in emails and documents.

Auto-refresh of Calendar and Calendar List

  • to keep the display of meetings and calendar up to date.
  • to have the calendar refresh at the interval that the customer determines.

Display of version and license key information

  • to give system administrators the information they need where they need it.
  • to help ensure customers stay current on the supported versions to improve the security and value of their system.

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