Manufacturing Process Management (MPM)

A product solely owned by Acorn BMS that has evolved over the years to become a key part of numerous companies’ main operational tools. While MPM is fully customizable to suit specific Client Requirements, it boasts a wealth of modules that will provide a solid platform to allow any Manufacturing company to quickly automate their processes from quotation stage right through to Process Management and Dispatch.

Manufacturing Process Management allows companies’ through a variety of modules to perform processes that are in line with Key Manufacturing Requirements and operations. Built with the latest Microsoft .Net technologies, its strong and reliable Microsoft SQL Database structure enables companies to confidently build processes into the application safe in the knowledge that all data is safe and secure.


  • Administration module – used to set parameters in place to determine what functionality is available within the program including names, passwords and permissions.
  • Quote system – will allow the end user to quickly build quotations from scratch or based on previous quotes. Specific client and product quotations can be easily retrieved.
  • Add to requirements – used to pull the sales order out of Sage and break down any bills of materials to extract the bottom level that needs to be manufactured.
  • Process Management – used to detail the current and future workloads of each user. Users can scan on and off jobs to track time spent on each process against what was budgeted.
  • Barcode scanning solution – used to tell where all your stock is and the quantities available at any point in time. Minimum levels and reorder level can be added to make stock management more efficient
  • Document Management – used to instantly scan and upload documents so they can be easily indexed and quickly retrieved.
  • Drawing and Revision management – used to allow the user to retrieve and view all the drawings associated with the product or Works Order to ensure accuracy of the data.
  • Web POS – Purchase requisition system – used to allow users such as Remote or Site Workers the freedom to raise Purchase Order Requisitions, while not within Sage 200.


  • Create efficiencies – Save time and resources by streamlining processes and eliminating duplication of workloads.
  • Effective measurement analytics – set workloads and enable time tracking for individuals and projects to ensure each process can be measured and used and KPI’s for future production processes.
  • Cuts out manual involvement – Bar Code processing and scanning cuts out all manual intervention in terms of allocating stock, recording time against processes and moving worksheets through the production process.
  • Secure cloud and digital storage – Built in Document and Drawing Management means that there is no dependence on manual records as all documents are digitally stored and retrieved which also reduces paper wastage.

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