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Check that you’re connected to the company’s network ok by trying to access folders on the network. If you can’t, check with your IT department, once that’s resolved you should get onto sage ok.

Open System administration and go to ‘Users’ – here you will have your full list of users where you can see what roles they have and what access they have by clicking into their name or right-clicking and selecting ‘Features’

In Sage 200 go to – Accounting System Manager – Settings – Currency & Exchange Rates

You can only view the previous reconciliation balances from the Statement Balances tab of the Cash Book Account record. Alternatively, refer to the reports from the Spooler that were created when the bank reconciliation was completed.

Bank feeds imports transactions that are already present in your bank account so you can ‘match’ them against those posted in Sage 200. If you identify any missing transactions from Sage 200, you have the ability to add them in as part of the ‘Bank Feeds Reconciliation’ process before completion.

No, Search Categories are not affected by the increase in number of Analysis Codes so won’t be used to populate them.

Yes, you can show a negative value on an invoice by using a Free Text Line. Add the Free Text Line and enter a negative value as the selling price. Note, however the overall value of the invoice must still be positive.

The existing On Hold feature remains in place, but now you can also hide accounts. This will remove the customer/supplier account from lists to prevent you from selecting the account in error. This is typically used for companies that you are no longer trading with.


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