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  • Go to Customisation > Person > List > Create a new list
  • Name: ANewList
  • View: vSummaryPerson
  • FilterBoxName: NewPersonScreen
  • Customise the list so its includes all the relevant fields e.g. Person: Person, Person: Territory, Person: Business Email etc
  • Inside the Custom Content box add NewPersonScreen
  1. Copy the field ‘Column Name’ from the case entity
  2. Go Administration -> Customisation -> CaseProgress (Secondary Entity)
  3. In the fields tab click ‘New’ button
  4. Paste the column name into the ‘Column Name’ textbox and click anywhere outside the box. You will receive the following message:
    “This column name already exists on another table. Therefore this field must have the same properties as the existing field. If you want to make a different field, it must have a unique column name”
  5. Click Save and the field will now be mirrored in the Case Progress entity.
    At this point you are required to perform a metadata refresh as adding fields to this screen does not automatically update the metadata.
  6. Any updates made to this field in the case, the change will be shown in the tracking tab.
  1. Administration -> Customization -> Translations
  2. Add OTL_AppointmentDetails into the Caption Code field (to amend Appointments) OR add OTL_TaskDetails (to amend Tasks), then click Find
  3. Click the Caption Code hyper link
  4. Modify the translations to include your new fields according to their entity tags

If the SQL user password has a quote in it (“) then when the CRM install tries to create the SQL database it fails. You get the error message stating it failed and to check the log, but the log file is empty.

To correct this make sure the SQL password doesn’t have any special characters in it.


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